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Grand Marlin Pensacola Beach, Florida

Having been to many restaurants and finding some lacking and some over the top. But day after day the Grand Marlin Pensacola Beach, Florida has been one of the best restaurants in Pensacola. I always begin with a Dozen raw oysters. They are deliciously chilled and shucked by cooks that clearly have done this before. Service is the best in town; and you can tell that there has been extensive training in the works. I like to sit at the oyster bar with its stainless steel covered counter and comfortable chairs ready yourself for an dining experience. So I highly recommend the Grand Marlin. As a side note if you have a large party request Kai Hard the server that is the most over the top server I have ever met; and the most gracious, similar to a conductor of the symphony. It will not be cheap and don't skimp on the tip but just tell Kai to serve it up with her recommendations for you tables because she will create a buffet where all your guests can sample all the important plates in the restaurant. Clearly Grand Marlin is one of the very best restaurants I have had the privilege to dine at.

Oysters on The Half Sheel
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